Hi, I’m Kirsten.

I work with MHK Charleston, a guild of architects and designers who share a common drive to make beautiful spaces that enrich the lives of our clients.  MHK has cultivated a collaborative environment that harnesses the passions of a talented team, celebrating our shared successes as a contribution to the greater mission, which is creating architecture that inspires and engages our clients and their communities.  After a project, I want my clients to feel at home, happy and inspired, and rewarded by a process and outcome that they didn’t even know was possible.

When I’m not designing, I am likely with my husband, exploring the outdoors or our kitchen, cooking up elaborate adventures (culinary and otherwise) and documenting them with ink, pen, watercolor, or pencil in my handy sketchbook.

Education: Bachelors and Masters, University of Cincinnati, College of Architecture in the Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning program / Study abroad program at DIS in Copenhagen, Denmark

Our Practice

Our goal is to help successful and visionary people build their dream home with a process that is more enjoyable than they ever thought it could be. That’s because we believe that architecture is all about the people who inhabit it. So we keep the human relationship central, both in the result and in the process along the way. We want to put the humanity back into architecture. We design for the way you live, for the needs of your family, and on a timeline that doesn’t mean you have to put your life on hold.

We’re committed to the historic craft and practice of architecture, but always driven by and responsive to the wishes of the client. It’s not that we don’t have strong convictions about architecture itself — just ask — but the joy for us is in helping our clients realize their vision.

So you won’t find any black turtle-neck attitude around here. That’s so last century. We bring the sophistication without the stuffiness. No, you’ll find a team ready to work hard, have fun, and create buildings as diverse as our clients’ dreams.

Our Portfolios

Because MHK is client-focused, our work is stylistically diverse, drawing from the lifestyles of our clients and the regions in which they live. 





Project Name

Rosewood Resort


Naples, Florida




186,500 SF