Commercial Architecture
Designing for the win
Commercial Architecture
Designing for the Win
Our Approach

How we help you win.


We’ve been told “Nobody comes out of the gate like MHK.” We take great pride in that because we know how important it is to hit the ground running. The first few weeks of design work on a project can mean the difference between winning or losing. We prefer to win.


We take a boutique approach to all our projects, translating our vast luxury residential experience into elevating our commercial work into truly human-centered design. Not only is this part of the expertise we bring, we believe it helps ensure the long-term success of the projects by creating better spaces for the business and people who use them.


A good idea isn’t good if it stays in your mind or on the boards. That’s why we’ve always invested time, energy, and resources into creating high-quality renderings early in the process so we can effectively cast a vision and make it obvious to the decision-makers why our designs should be approved and, ultimately, built.

With our approach, experience, and willingness to go the extra mile, we have a track record of navigating the approval process and helping our partners and clients win bids and projects.

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Matthew Kragh
Founder, Naples
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Mark McLean
National Director
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Nathan Moore
National Director
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Mitch lehde
National Director
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Casey Smithling
Commercial Director, Greenville
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Commercial Director, Sarasota